Nutrition Coaching

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What is included:

nutrition coachingOne hour personal consultation:

Where we talk about you and your goals.  Because your good health has several components, we will cover all four wheels of wellness; Nutrition, Exercise, Water, and Sleep and you will receive coaching on how to improve each of these components.  Particular focus will be given to nutrition coaching, and we will discuss your specific program details.


Using our bio-electrical impedance scale, we will assess your weight, percent body fat, hydration level, muscle mass, basal metabolic rate, metabolic “age”, bone mass, and your visceral fat.  You will learn what all of that means for you and your health and what we can do to improve those measures.  Your assessment also includes tape measurements of several areas to track your progress. Included in this cost is one month of weekly assessments.  We do the scale weekly, and the tape measurements monthly. Click >>>HERE<<< to book your assessment today! Just fill out our form to the right or on our contact page and a Key Fitness team member will contact you directly.

Meal Plan:

You will receive a meal plan specific to you, your goals, your preferences (to a point!), and your specific metabolic needs.  We use your basal metabolic rate, your activity level, and your goals to determine how many and what kinds of calories you need.  Your plan consists of 6 basic “fuelings”, and details calories, protein, carbs, and fat for each item.  If the order doesn’t’ work for you, you have freedom to change it.  If you can eat the exact same thing every day, then great.  You can follow it exactly and see great results.  However, the reason this plan and coaching system works is that it teaches you how to fuel your body.  And fueling your body is something you will do for the rest of your life.  It is not a “diet” plan. It even works if you eat out occasionally. We want you to learn how to make good food substitutions, read labels, and to think for yourself.  We will help you gain the confidence and knowledge to do that. 

Food List:

You will receive a list of foods you can shop for that will help you make substitutions to your plan.  The list isn’t all-inclusive.  If you want something that isn’t on the list, then ask.  Even send us pictures of nutrition labels of food you are curious about.  That’s where coaching comes in.  We will help you learn how to make these decisions.

One month personalized coaching:

Also included is one month of individual coaching.   It is important that people who are ready to change have the tools they need to succeed. We are the coaches and will guide and support you as you learn how to do this.  We expect you to be coachable and have questions, in fact, the clients who have the most questions in the beginning are typically the most successful.  Along with answering questions, we provide accountability, and accountability is PIVOTAL to your success. We will be honest with you and not sugar coat anything because our goal is to get you results, and we are experts at that.

Continue Your Wellness Journey…

For a low monthly fee of $29.97 following the initial month, you will get continued coaching and support on your nutritional program including:

  • Continued meal plan monitoring
  • Weekly assessments
  • Monthly measurements
  • Personalized coaching

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