The Nutrition Wheel of Wellness

Wheel  #1


Nutrition Approach

nutrition coachingWe are all constantly bombarded with information about nutrition.  What is the most effective “diet” for weight loss?  Should I cleanse? What about for building lean muscle, training for a competition?  What is the proper nutrition and timing to fuel a specific sports performance?  The contradictory information can be confusing and leave you frustrated and unsure of where to start.  As Wellness Coaches, we see this frustration often, and our goal is to present and coach nutrition in a way that clients can understand and adopt for life.  We do not advocate a low carb or no carb approach to weight loss or other extreme eating plans.  Food acts like hormones in the body in many ways.  When we cut carbs or “yo-yo” diet, or lose weight and regain it repetitively, hormones get out of whack, making weight loss much more than simple math.  The body requires fat, protein, and carbohydrates in the right amounts to promote health.  Ultimately, optimal body weight is a by-product of a healthy lifestyle.  Our approach to nutrition is simple and balanced, and it yields consistent and reproducible results.

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Food Is Fuel

Have you ever heard someone (usually a female) who is trying to lose weight say, “I haven’t been hungry all day!! Isn’t that awesome?” NO!! It is not awesome!  It means their metabolism has slowed to a crawl and there is NO WAY the body will lose weight and especially not fat in that kind of environment.  We coach that “Food is fuel, not fun”.  As a society, we like to create a party or an event around food, and that isn’t always bad, but your body needs fuel and the right kinds and amounts of fuel consistently.  Are you a person who doesn’t eat breakfast just because you don’t eat breakfast? Well change!! “Radical changes take radical changes.”  If you are person who has never eaten breakfast, then that may be a radical change.  Within an hour of waking up in the morning you should be fueling your body.  Not a big Uncle Hershel party plate, but a fueling.  Then two and a half to three hour later, guess what?  You should do it again. And repeat that pattern.  All day.  If you eat dinner at 5pm, and you are still up at 10pm, you should fuel again in that window.  But WAIT!!! Won’t I get fat if I eat before bed?  Absolutely not.  If you are giving your body consistently great nutrition, then your body does some pretty awesome things while you sleep.  Getting fat is not one of them. 

Nutrition Planning

Now for an important key.  Planning.  Good food is not just magically going to jump in your mouth.  You have to PLAN what you are going to eat.  When you don’t have a plan and you walk into your kitchen and open the pantry like something new and healthy is going to just be there, you are setting yourself up for failure.  We teach you to “Plan for war in a time of peace.”  Monday morning when life hits is not peace.  That is when the war starts.  Sundays are often a great day to cook and prepare food ahead of time and plan for victory.

Nutrition Coaching

While our approach is simple, the bottom line is that you need a committed coach who understands you and your goal.  Even if you know exactly what to do, it can be overwhelming to even begin.  We are experts, and wellness is all we do.  Let us create a plan that will teach you how to eat for the rest of your life.  You can do this.  We are here to help.

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