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Nutrition: Your Weight Loss Difference Maker

Losing weight is a long journey–one that many people fight for the entirety of their lives. In some cases, it seems like a losing battle. Have you ever felt that you’ve spent hours at the gym, worked as hard as you can for months, and your weight hasn’t budged more than a few ounces? If you’re really dedicated to losing weight, the key is your nutrition. You can exercise all you want. It will certainly tone up your body. If you really want to torch fat and measure your accomplishments by the scale, however, you need to dedicate yourself to eating right.

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Setting Fitness and Nutrition Goals

Your food and exercise goals should align to give you the results you’re looking for. If you’re spending an hour a day at the gym but come home and binge on chips and cookies, those stubborn pounds are going to hang on tightly. Working with a nutrition coach is the best way to ensure that you’re setting goals that will help you reach the results you’re really looking for.

When you’re exercising and eating right for weight loss, the equation is relatively simple: calories out must be greater than calories in. That doesn’t mean, however, that you should consume a specific number of calories without regards to the fuel your body needs. If you’re exercising hard, it’s particularly important to work with a nutrition coach to ensure that you’re getting all those necessary nutrients.

Nutrition is the weight loss difference makerNutrition Coaches Help

Many people assume that eating for weight loss is a simple matter of cutting calories. Unfortunately, this often leads to a binge and purge mentality that will have you cycling weight instead of taking it off and keeping it off. Nutrition coaches like those found at Key Fitness in Murfreesboro, TN, will help you begin to understand what eating for weight loss really means. It’s not just a matter of cutting calories. It’s a matter of eating the right calories to go along with you diet plan.

Lean proteins, for example, are critical to giving your body the fuel it needs to build muscle. There are also specific benefits to different types of fruits and vegetables. The nutrients found in specific foods are even more important than the specific number of calories you consume. You can eat a 1600-calorie diet that is filled with processed foods and be very unhealthy even if the weight is coming off. Eating real, quality foods that fill you up and fuel your body, on the other hand, will help you get the pounds off without sacrificing your health.

If you’re really dedicated to losing weight, getting in shape, and improving your health, it starts in the kitchen. A well-balanced diet will help improve your overall health and fitness while helping you lose the weight you want to lose. By working with a qualified nutrition coach, you can start to see the body of your dreams much faster than if you focus on exercise alone.

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