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Don’t Let SetBacks Keep You Down

When it comes to dealing with fitness setbacks, you can choose from two approaches: stop them before they start or intervene once they’ve impacted you.
In this post, learn expert tips for addressing fitness setbacks.
Common Fitness Setbacks
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Whether you are just starting a fitness program or are struggling to resume, sometimes the best way to overcome setbacks is to meet them face-to-face by writing them down!When you do this, you may find your list includes some of the following:

setbacks from fitness– You have gotten too busy to workout.
– You get sick.
– You go on vacation or your boss requires you to travel for your job.
– You no longer have access to exercise equipment or facilities.
– You feel hopeless about ever achieving your fitness goals, so why even try?
– You are just sick and tired of exercising.

If you find yourself nodding as you read this list (which was compiled by a personal trainer in murfreesboro) then you know you are in good company. Many of our clients here at Key Fitness have the same exact reaction when they read this list.

Advice on Putting Fitness Setbacks in Their Place

The first thing to remember when beginning a new fitness routine is this: it is your overall lifestyle you are changing, not just your weight or your body shape. The fit lifestyle is just that – a lifestyle. As a lifestyle, it is meant to remain a part of your life over the long term.

As well, anything that becomes a part of your long-term life can get interrupted at any time. But when you’ve made a commitment to living a fit lifestyle, you just need to become aware that you are experiencing a setback and then do whatever you personally need to do to get back on track.

Here are some of our favorite tips for taking back control of your own fitness and health and putting those pesky setbacks in their proper place:

Seek a workout partner

 This may mean hiring a personal trainer in murfreesboro or a wellness coach, or it may mean heading to the gym after work with a friend, spouse or coworker.

Heal first, then exercise

If you get sick, your body needs rest more than anything else. So while you are ill, aim to reduce your physical activity by about 90 percent so your body can heal. When you feel good, you can resume working out.

Don’t stress about what you can’t change

If you have to travel for work, or you have a fun vacation scheduled with your family, then just go. Don’t worry about it, because you can’t change it. Seek out small ways to stay active and just plan to resume your regular workouts when you return home.

Seek out your best time of day

Some people are “morning people” and others are “night people.” Your ability to achieve your fitness goals can depend on whether you flow with your natural energy levels or work against them. If you can manage it, working out in the morning gives your metabolism a natural boost and helps your whole body system wake up for the day.

Ask for help and support

Whether you need a wellness coach to guide you in the best eating plan to support your workouts or you wish you had a personal trainer in murfreesboro to help you stay motivated and accountable, these are easily fixable issues! Sometimes all you need to regain your self-confidence and get back on track is some positive support from Key Fitness professionals.
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