We believe that fitness is part of an overall set of lifestyle choices that when all pieces are in place, you function more efficiently in your daily goals!

Key Fitness is a fitness experience. We use coaching, group training and personalized training to help you realize and maximize your fitness potential.

Dedicated to more than just exercise, we are dedicated to your mind, body and spirit. We will help you strive for more than you have in the past and help you beat that person in the mirror that says “you can’t.” We have many training programs designed for your success and will expect nothing less than that…success.


It Fits Your Schedule

No matter when you have available, we have the ability to help.

We know it’s not magic

Fitness is hard work and we help you get there..

Fitness is part of life

Life consists of many layers and fitness is a valuable part of a larger puzzle.

We are affordable

We have options in several price ranges.

Proven Success!

We have a proven history of success and many happy clients who will tell you the same.

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  • I have an energy level I haven’t had in years.

    "I have been working out with Rod for 6 weeks and the results have been amazing. I have an energy level I haven’t had in years making me more productive at work and home. I am down approximately 15 pounds and the clothes are starting to fit again. Rod’s workouts are always organized and fresh which makes me look forward to our next appointment."
  • I was pushing myself much harder

    “For many people, the accountability of a coach or group of peers is the catalyst needed to provide the discipline for a successful exercise routine. I was happy with my exercise routine and fitness level before I started training with Rod. However, when I discovered what the change in routine could do for my overall strength and endurance, I was hooked. Almost immediately, I was pushing myself much harder during my own individual workouts trying to match the intensity of training with Rod. No matter how motivated you are, Rod will find an exercise routine that will challenge you and grow your fitness level.”

    "You all have made tears come to my eyes. If you all would have felt the butterflies in my belly Saturday morning. I was so nervous about not finishing. I am so glad that I did! I am hoping that others will see that, even though I still struggle with nutrition, you can still take baby steps and get somewhere. It took years to get in this shape. I am very happy to say that I am on the right path to turn that around. The biggest help is having a great support group and a very caring coach to give you those uplifting encouraging words that make you feel as if you can Thank you for our mat chats. I take away so much more than you realize from that. I soak it in and focus on your suggestions. There were a couple of scenarios that you gave that I could have SWORN you had a camera hidden in my kitchen."
  • Executive Boot Camp is one of the best decisions I’ve made this year

    "Coach Rod Key’s Executive Boot Camp is one of the best decisions I’ve made this year. He has a unique ability to make hard work & dedication in the early morning hours seem fun. It’s a great way to start the day! I’ve made big gains in personal health as well as meeting new, like-minded professionals that are committed and motivated. I highly recommend Coach Key’s Executive Boot Camp’s to anybody striving to get better in life and business. The Goal is to Roll!"
  • I am faster, stronger and of course have lost weight.

    "When I began working out with Rod we set goals for me to accomplish. I was unable to run more than one mile. In one year, I have completed a 4 mile race, four 5Ks, one 15K, and two half marathons. I am faster, stronger and of course have lost weight. All this has also helped my self-confidence. I was a little apprehensive of using a coach but quickly learned to trust Coach Key. I would recommend Coach Key to anyone who wants to improve themselves."

    "I began using Coach Rod Key as my personal trainer in the fall of 2009. Since that time I have improved my run from a few miles to a half marathon, lost considerable body fat, and have seen a significant increase in both energy and endurance levels. I have also exceeded several strength goals including my bench press. I highly recommend Rod because he brings a certain level of accountability, focus and motivation to personal training that I have not been able to find until I met him."
    Shane Reeves – Pharm. D. • Reeves Sain (Co-Owner)